Writer for Hire

Writer for Hire: From Proofreading to Ghostwriting

I have a passion for writing that goes far beyond the desire to be published. My deepest satisfaction comes from revision. After countless workshops and one on one encounters where money did actually change hands, I’ve come to realize that I should indeed be getting paid on a regular basis for the substantial critical analyses and advice I’ve offered to fellow writers over the years. I’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty and received so much gratitude and positive feedback that I know this is what I need to be doing.

Whatever it is you are writing, I can help you. From proofreading scientific treatises to ghostwriting memoirs, I can be at your side, providing support that will substantially improve your work and its reception by readers and editors. My fee will be worked out in advance. We might work together for two days by email, we might work together for two years, using google docs and the telephone–it depends on your needs.

Reply to this post (*with your email included*) if you wish to contact me to talk about improving your writing; I can provide you abundant references and samples of work I’ve edited in the past, as well as samples of my own writing. (Serious inquiries only, please.)