Who is June?

Thank you, Ms. Flannery O’Connor, for making me so smitten with the name JuneStar that I made it my online handle, many years back. Another side of JuneStar sounds like a comic book, so June it is.

About me:

My home is in the mountains of Southern Oregon, where I can be found with my family, roaming the trails above my property. I was born and raised outside of Philadelphia and attended Penn State, studying writing and literature. After that, I spent several years traveling the western states in an old econoline van, and lived for a time on an abandoned mining claim outside of Missoula, Montana.



3 thoughts on “Who is June?”

  1. Wow, what an awesome life you’ve lived so far! I used to dream (rather seriously) of being off grid like that; the idea sort of went away for a while and now it seems to be coming up for me again. I’ve had vegie gardens off and on for years and am taking it to another level this time around; ie – making it something I can depend more on rather than use the odd veg or herb every now and then.

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